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مقاله لاتین با عنوان:

Evaluation of carbon nanotubes as a solid-phase extraction adsorbent for
the extraction of cephalosporins antibiotics, sulfonamides and phenolic
compounds from aqueous solution

انتشار در مجله ISI با مشخصات زیر:

Analytica Chimica Acta 594 (2007) 81–۹۲

The adsorptive potential of carbon nanotubes (single-walled carbon nanotubes and multi-walled carbon nanotubes) for solid-phase extraction of three groups of highly polar compounds (namely cephalosporins antibiotics, sulfonamides and phenolic compounds) was tested in this article. The analytes were strongly retained by the carbon nanotubes. And acceptable recoveries were obtained with the addition of ammonium acetate into eluents. The effects of solution pH on the recoveries of the antibiotics and phenolic compounds were examined. To check the retention abilities of three groups of compounds on carbon nanotubes, fixed amount of each analyte was added to different volumes (up to 500 mL) of aqueous solution, and then extracted by the sorbents. Comparative studies showed that the carbon nanotubes were much superior to C18 for the extraction of the highly polar analytes. For the cephalosporins antibiotics and sulfonamides, the carbon nanotubes showed stronger retention capability than graphitized carbon blacks, but for some of the phenolic compounds graphitized carbon blacks seemed to be more suitable, indicating different retention mechanisms of these analytes. To further assess the enrichment ability of carbon nanotubes for highly polar compounds, the solid-phase extraction method of multi-walled carbon nanotubes packed cartridge was well developed, and the sulfonamides were used as model compounds. Under the optimal procedures, the detection limits of sulfonamides were in the range of 27–۳۸ ng L−۱. The spiked recoveries from several real water samples obtained for sulfathiazole and sulfadiazine ranged from 55% to 79% and 72% to 92%, respectively, while the recoveries of sulfapyridine and sulfamethazine were in the range of 85–۱۰۲%
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Keywords: Carbon nanotubes; Solid-phase extraction; Highly polar compounds

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