طراحی الکترود نقره-کتامین برای اندازه گیری هیدروکلرید کتامین به روش پتانسیومتری

A novel coated silver ketamine(I) electrode for potentiometric determination of ketamine hydrochloride in ampoules and urine samples


A new ketamine coated silver electrode (KCSE) based on ketamine hydrochloride with sodium tetraphenylborate
(KT-TPB) as electroactive material has been described. The influence of membrane composition,
type of solvent mediators, kind of electroactive materials and interfering ions on the sensor was investigated.
The sensor displays Nernstian response of 55.8 ± ۰.۳ mV/decade over the concentration range of
۲.۵  ۱۰۶ to 1.0  ۱۰۲ M with limit of detection of 8.5  ۱۰۷ M. The coated wire electrode has short response time ۸ s and it can be used in pH range of 2.6–۶.۴. The selective coefficients were determined in relation to several inorganic, organic ions, sugars and some common drug excipients. The KCSE electrode was successfully used for the determination of the ketamine content in ampoule and urine samples with satisfactory results. Statistical student’s t-test and F test showed insignificant systematic error
between proposed and official methods

Ketamine hydrochloride
Coated wire electrode
Ion-selective electrode

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